Kids and Colds

This time of the year it is so common to see little ones walking around with runny noses and coughs. As much as I like to think I have prepared my little ones to go out into the world and defend themselves against any of those little bugs out there it is inevitable, they are going to get sick! I remind myself that this is their immune systems time to get educated!

So, if they are inevitably going to get sick once and a while my goal is to provide their body with the best possible tools and set them up to fight the bugs off a lot quicker so they are not sick for as long.

My tool box has become quite extensive over the years as I have always been very open to learning more about natural ways of healing as well as from my own experience with my children. I am often asked what I do for my children when they get a cold so I thought I would share a few of the tools from my tool box!

When my children show any sign they may be getting a cold the very first thing that I do is give them an Osteopathic Treatment. Now, I often get a little bit of a strange look when I say this followed by, "How does Osteopathy help with a cold?". Simply, we remove restriction and allow for better drainage. When we have free flowing fluid it does not allow for the environment to be come stagnant where many bugs like to hide and really thrive in. Osteopathic treatment helps drain sinuses, free restriction from ribs and lungs to allow them to clear themselves more efficiently, and also helps to drain ears for any little ones that are more susceptible to fluid in the ears or ear infections. Find a credible Osteopathic Practitioner near you for assistance with this tool!

Another tool I utilize on a daily basis is a high quality pharmaceutical grade children vitamin. I truly believe by they taking these we are being proactive and helping their bodies be more prepared to take on any invaders! This is done by providing their bodies with the perfect ratio of antioxidants and minerals to provide their body all of the nutrients they need along side a healthy whole food diet. I also make sure they get a high quality probiotic to ensure proper gut health. By providing the probiotics it helps to nourish the gut where 80% of our immune system is and in turn will strengthen the immune system.

There are also always two creams that I have on had at all times in case of a cold to help throughout the day but also especially at night to promote good rest. These creams are "Baby Breathalizer Cream" by From the Meadow and "Breathe Easy" by Kalaya. Both of these creams are incredible and I use them together. I apply the Baby Breathalizer on their upper back between their shoulder blades and also directly on their chest. The Breathe Easy I run on their upper chest across their collar bones. This one contains Menthol, Eucalyptus, Wintergreen oil and smells amazing and opens your sinuses almost immediately. I love them both because they help them in different ways.

The last tool I will share is of the great Organic Oil of Oregano. Some of you may have heard of this and some may not have. Under the age of 4 years old I only place a drop on their foot, rub it in and then either place a sock over it or I would put it on at night time and then put their sleeper on. By doing this the Oil of Oregano soaks in through the skin and into the blood stream to search out and get rid of anything they is not welcome. Once they are 4 year or older and are able to handle a little big of spice from the Oil of Oregano I take a spoon of raw honey, place a drop or two onto of the honey and they cover the drops with the honey and then have them eat it. They may like a glass of water ready to go!

Those are a few of the tools I utilize from my tool box that really help my little ones get through colds quicker! I hope you find them helpful too!

With lot of Love,

Robyn Kirkpatrick