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As an Osteopathic Practitioner I know how important proper nutrition is for our body to be able to carry out daily processes required for us to function each and every day. Our main source of nutrition should be coming from foods such as beautiful fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately the foods we eat today are not the same foods we ate even 20 years ago and because of a number of different factors the nutrient content in our food has been significantly depleted. We also live in a very fast pace world where healthy options are not always the most convenient. It is because of this that supplementation is important to help fill the nutrient gaps that we are missing from our foods as well to help compensate for the increased amount of stress (environmental/mental/physical) that we put our bodies through on a regular basis.

Finding a Supplement You Can Trust...

As a former college NCAA Softball player and Osteopathic Practitioner I did not trust many supplement companies knowing they are not regulated until I was introduced to USANA Health Sciences. USANA Health Sciences produces the highest quality pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements. USANA has been given the highest rating from Nutrisearch Nutritional Supplement Comparative Guide which compares 1500 different nutritional supplements.

To learn more about the USANA difference click the image below

USANA Athletes

They also work with over 4500 Olympic and Professional Athletes who choose USANA because they can trust what they are putting into their body is the highest quality, purest ingredients and they feel the results. To learn why so many athletes Trust USANA click the image below and see for yourself!

Personalized Supplementation for all of your Health needs

USANA has something for everyone and their specific health needs. Check out some of my favourites below. Reach out if you're ready to create something personalized for you and your health goals!

The Essentials

Immune Boosters

Happy Cells On the Go

Healthy Starts

Clean Energy


Celavive - Going Beyond What You See

Did I mention that USANA has the most amazing skin care? They spent over 10 years formulating this amazing skin care line to ensure they were providing the highest quality and most effective line that they could.

Free from harmful chemicals and preservatives, no Parabens, Clinically tested and filled with only the highest quality ingredients.

Click the image below to learn more about what makes Celavive so incredible!

Oily/Combo Skin


Sheet Mask


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